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 63rd (2012) Annual Exhibition
 Of the
 Texas Watercolor Society

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Below are the Exhibiting Artists

Click on the artist's name to view the entry or use the scroll bar at the right to view the entire exhibit.

The Artist highlighted in maroon are award winners.

Bill Bailey Denise Counley Nancy Fortunato Bev Jozwiak Monika Pate Sharon Serrago
Sean Barrett Lin Crowley Laurie Goldstein-Warren Dwain Kelley William Perry Natalie Smythe
Sandy Bennett Elaine Daily-Birnbaum Davilla Harding Sue Kemp Carol Peterson Ron Stephens
Karen Black Ric  Dentinger Don Harvie Cindy Brabec-King Sue Pink Dee Tunseth
Joseph  Blanford Shirley Despot Carol E. Hatch Elizabeth Kupersmith Mary Quiros Soon Y. Warren
Dan Burt Kathleen Durdin Hailey E. Herrera Julie McCollum Lee Ricks E. Gorden West
Nel Dorn Byrd Sy Ellens Lance Hunter Kurt Meyer Charles Rouse Barbara Yoerg
Anita Cannon Genie Even John E. James Karen Kierstead Miller Pat Safir  
Edith Collins Z. L. Feng Fred B. James Muriel Mimura Donald Savoie  
Anita Cooke Debbie Flood Jeanne Johnson Eileen Neill Annie Schuchart  


Country Church

Bill Bailey





Sean Barrett











Early Morning Meeting

Sandy Bennett




Bisqueware At the Mercado

Karen Black




Low Tide

Joseph Blanford




In the Neighborhood

Dan Burt





Nel Dorn Byrd












Roses and Patterns

Anita Cannon













Lady of Venice

Edith Collins





Park Fun

Anita Cook





River Runs

Denise Counley




Sittin In the Ivy

 Lin Crowley




Perchance to Dream

Elaine Daily-Birnbaum




Angel of Metairie

Ric Dentinger




Queen for a Day

Shirley Despot













Descendant of Sgt. Pepper

Kathleen Durdin















Fertile Land

Sy Ellens













Iris Tete a Tete

Genie Even





Ranch Foreman

Z.L. Feng













Tell Me It's OK

Debbie Flood





TR Boats

Nancy Fortunato




Old and New-Times Square

Laurie Goldstein Warren





Davilla Harding













Cinco de Mayo

Don Harvie





Guadalupe River State Park Falls

Carol E. Hatch




Happy Hour

Hailey E. Herrera




Beneath the Surface

Lance Hunter












Smoke Signals II

John E. James






The Blue Shutter

Fred B. James




Under the Ponte Vecchio

Jeanne Johnson





Hippie Kind of Vibe

Bev Jozwiak




Late Sun Through the Oaks

Dwain Kelley




Sacred Mysteries

Sue Kemp














Lobster Rolls

Cindy Brabec-King





Downtown San Antonio

Elizabeth Kupersmith




Cedar Fever

Julie McCollum




El  Capataz

Kurt Meyer













Karen Kierstead Miller















Flower Seller San Miguel 2

Muriel Mimura





Rest Stop

Eileen Neill




5 Speed

Monika Pate




Corn Shocks #3

William Perry




Warts and All

Carol Peterson




Cranberries and Wine

Sue Pink




Fractured Lilies

Mary Quiros




Santa Fe Stroller

Lee Ricks




Through the Glass Darkly

Charles Rouse




Chinese Take Out

Pat Safir




Palmeto Light

Donald Savoie




Feathers In Her Hair

Annie Schuchart




Ready Set Go

Sharon Serrago




Tropical Sunlight

Natalie Smythe











Dog Crossing

Ron Stephens





Desert Gem III

Dee Tunseth




Koi Pond II

Soon Y. Warren












Arizona Beauty

E. Gordon West






Barbara Yoerg